October 8, 2018

فوز ستروين بيرلنجو فان الجديدة بجائزة “INTERNATIONAL VAN OF THE YEAR 2019”!

اعتراف رائع لسيارة ستروين بيرلنجو فان الجديدة، التي فازت في المعرض التجاري للمركبات التجارية في هانوفر ، وهو العنوان المرغوب: "International Van Of The Year 2019".

This is the second time that Berlingo has received this prize, after it was first awarded in 1997 and after more than 1.5 million vehicles have been sold. This 3rd generation of Berlingo has also been awarded for its remarkable evolutions in terms of comfort and technology, without compromising on functionality. It therefore continues Citroën’s long heritage in the van segment, which includes iconic vehicles such as the 2 CV Van, the Acadiane and the C15. True to the Brand’s signature, “Inspired by Pro”, dedicated to Citroën utility vehicles, New Berlingo Van adapts to the needs of all professionals and their uses. It stands out thanks to its unique shape available in 2 Sizes (M and XL), as well as its expertise in terms of comfort and safety, with no less than 20 driving aid technologies and 4 connectivity technologies. As the winner of this prestigious election, New Berlingo Van is already available to order and join the network in the last quarter of 2018.