August 12, 2018

ستروين وتوتال تحتفلان بشراكة مدتها 50 عاماً

توتال وسترون تضع عدة أميال معاً منذ عام 1968.
أخذت قصة نجاحهم، التي بنيت على الابتكار والشغف لرياضة السيارات ، والعلامة التجارية على طول الطريق إلى قمة المنصة.
إننا ننظر إلى الوراء في 50 عامًا من الشراكة التي تربطنا بنجاحات الأعمال والتسابق التي ساهمت في بناء المكانة الدولية للشركتين.

Since the partnership began in 1968, Total has helped drive Citroën’s industrial growth worldwide by supplying a wide range of automobile lubricants. Over the decades, the two companies have jointly developed lubricants specifically for Citroën engines, to make them ever more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

The environment is a core concern for Citroën and Total. The pair has pledged to drastically curtail their environmental impact, notably by reducing carbon emissions. Their R&D teams co-develop specific solutions that fit the bill. Today their efforts have culminated in the new TOTAL QUARTZ INEO FIRST 0W-20, a synthetic oil for pollution control systems that improves fuel economy by as much as 4%*.

50 ans Citroën Total

Another cornerstone of the Citroën-Total partnership is dedication to excellence and competitive spirit. From meticulous oil analyses to trackside checks and from individual rally races to the World Rally Championship, tests and racing events have enabled Total to experiment with lubricants under extreme conditions and make sure that Citroën’s racing and mass-produced cars deliver the best performance.
The strength of the Citroën-Total motorsports partnership was obvious as far back as the Morocco Rally in 1969. Citroën began racking up wins with the Citroën DS 21, and continued its rally racing saga, stringing together 36 victories and five constructors’ titles in the FIA World Touring Car Cup. An incredible run of successes followed between 2003 and 2012, including eight constructors’ titles and nine drivers’ titles in the World Rally Championship (WRC).
In 2014, Citroën and Total decided to race in the WTCC championship, notching up three constructors’ titles, three drivers’ titles and 50 wins. In 2017, the two brands made a fresh start in the WRC with the C3 WRC, a two-time winner, in Mexico and Catalonia.


* As measured by the official M111FE fuel economy improvement test