October 11, 2018

ستروين C5 Aircross SUV الجديدة بمفهوم ال PLUG-IN HYBRID

العلامة التجارية للسوق الأساسي

To mark the Paris Motor Show, Citroën is going all out and unveiling the new C5 Aircross SUV Plug-In Hybrid Concept, heralding the Plug-in Hybrid version of the new C5 Aircross SUV launched at the start of 2020.


At the Paris Motor Show, Citroën is going all out and unveiling New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid Concept. The concept anticipates the Hybrid version of New C5 Aircross SUV, which will launch at the beginning of 2020. Citroën’s first Plug-In Hybrid represents the first move in the brand’s ‘Low Emission Vehicle’ (LEV) offensive, which will launch one new LEV range each year from 2020, in line with the target of having an all-electric range by 2025. Citroën will offer an electric mobility solution for the core market in each segment, which will be perfectly tailored to customers’ needs. The high-end PHEV technology in New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid Concept further strengthens the flagship’s positioning and adds another dimension to the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, with:

– A new experience of Citroën comfort with seamless, smooth and silent driving in electric mode (ZEV), which will further emphasise the first-class comfort of New C5 Aircross SUV.

– Unrestrained electric mobility: up to 50km for daily use in ZEV mode and the security of a combustion engine for longer journeys, with low overall running costs.

– Driving pleasure assured by the combination of the 180hp PureTech S&S petrol engine and an 80kW electric motor, offering torque on demand via the e-EAT8 automatic gearbox, and total power output of 225hp.

– High-end technology designed for ease of use: automatic mode management, easy recharging, intuitive information and the easy maintenance of the modular interior layout.